Wheel repair and fix

Correction of aluminium rims | welding of rims | sandblasting of rims | refurbishment of rims outside rims | painting of rims


Hetirenkaat.fi – offers versatile repair and maintenance services for aluminum and sheet metal rims.

- Straightening (straightening) of aluminum and tin rims
- Welding of cracked and broken rims
- Restoration of the paint surface (painting, varnishing, sanding, sandblasting)
- Installation and programming of TPMS sensors (tire pressure monitoring system).

Price list:

Attention! The announced prices are starting prices, because with different rims and damage, the amount of work can
vary considerably. You will get more accurate pricing for the maintenance of your rims
by contacting our customer service. Thank you!

- Wheel alignment - from 60.00 euro/pc
- Rim welding - from 70.00 euro/seam
- Rim painting, varnishing, sandblasting – from 200.00 euro/set (4 rims)
- Installation of TPMS sensors – 10.00 euro/sensor (+ tire work costs)
- Programming of TPMS sensors – 40.00 euro/sensor