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Disk repair

Correction of aluminium rims | welding of rims | sandblasting of rims | refurbishment of rims outside rims | painting of rims


We accept for repair

  • Alloy wheels

  • Forged and steel (stamped) wheels

  • Wheels without a central hole (french wheels)

  • Wheels of all types and sizes

  • Wheels with any damage type


We offer

  • Repair of alloy wheels (R13-R24)

  • Restoration of the wheel appearance

  • Recovery of missing fragments of the wheel

  • Recovery of wheel geometry

  • Repair of chips and cracks using argon-arc welding

  • Repair of the figure eight on the wheel

  • Straightening of wheel

  • Elimination of axial battle

  • Painting


The price is determined based on the size of the wheel, the type of work, the amount of work.